Thursday, May 24, 2012

Oh Daddy, You Devil! (A Barry G. Omnibus)

My new release! What do you think of the cover? 

This is an omnibus of three of my short stories. If you bought them separately, they'd run you over ten bucks, but you can get them all in this one volume for only $7.69! Here is the description:

Three stories of love between Daddies and their step-daughters:

1. It's a Minute After Midnight, Daddy! I'm Finally Eighteen!
2. Daddy, You're the One
3. No One Measures Up to Daddy

Save money! Buy them all together in one easily navigable volume!

FOR ADULTS ONLY. Graphic depictions of sexual contact between Daddies and step-daughters -- intended for readers 18 and up!


It's a Minute After Midnight, Daddy! I'm Finally Eighteen! (2200 words)

It's 12:01 AM on Melissa's 18th birthday . . . and she's STILL a virgin! In tears, she wakes her beloved step-Daddy, Jim, and requests a very special birthday gift from him. . . .

Daddy, You're the One (5200 words)

Joy is home for the summer from her first year of college, and she's still a virgin . . . . She's been saving herself for a special someone to come along, and she finally knows who that special someone will be -- her own step-father!

No One Measures Up to Daddy (4000 words)

John's step-daughter, Jill, is still a virgin at eighteen, and it's all because no one measures up to Daddy -- she simply refuses to lower her standards for that very special "first time" . . . well, she's finally fed up, and she's going to take action!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Free Barry G. eBook at Amazon Today and Tomorrow!

Today and tomorrow, possibly Saturday but I make no promises!

If you enjoy it, I hope you will try my premium titles as well.

UPDATE: No longer free, I'm afraid, but almost! Go on, it's not that much. . . . ;)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The New Erotica Blog

My ebook, Daddy You're the One, is featured today at the New Erotica Blog, a recently inaugurated website that showcases new erotica. It's heartening to get a bit of publicity in an increasingly difficult environment for ebook erotica!

Last month, Smashwords gave the boot to all pseudo-incest due to demands by its payment processor, Paypal, but fortunately the decision was reversed, and I was able to reinstate my titles there.

This month, Amazon appears to be filtering certain adult titles out of most search results (which is to say, my titles!). You can't even find them by clicking on my author name on my own product pages! (These ebook outlets seem to be getting a tad squeamish when it comes to my branch of the written art!)

My response to the Amazon activity (or lack thereof) was to create this blog, in the  hopes that perhaps Google would help to drive some customers to my Amazon pages. I also created an "Author Profile" at Amazon . . . who knows what that'll do . . . One's fingers are crossed!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Welcome to Barry G. Erotica

I am pleased to bring you the finest in pseudo-incest erotica. . . .

My titles are available as ebooks at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords, as well as a host of vendors like Apple, Kobo, and Diesel.

So far, I have released:




I have also written a gambling book, Don't Get Greedy (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords), which details a rather successful money management system I have used playing blackjack. Just thought I'd share!